A Kentucky Legend is Born

A Documentary on the Life and Times of Ron Whitehead

Coming 2020

About Ron Whitehead

Outlaw Poet is the story of a coal miner's son on a rural farm of western Kentucky and his struggles with identity, the law, and his own addictions to become a world renowned beat generation poet, credited with reigniting the fires of Kerouac, Ginsberg and Ferlinghetti for the modern generation. 

Filmed for over 9 years, this documentary follows the life and times of Ron Whitehead and is as much a story of making the documentary as it is about the man himself. Currently in post production the film is expected to hit festivals in Spring of 2020.


Ron with giant fungus, photo by Jinn Bug.


About the Film

The cinema verite story of Outlaw Poet and king of the underground Ron Whitehead. This feature length documentary will be a journey through Ron’s life; from driving 60-miles an hour at 3 a.m. through the streets of Louisville, in reverse, with Hunter S. Thompson, to his relationships with Beat Generation juggernauts,  the Dalai Lama, Muhammad Ali and many more complete with an introspective look at his childhood raised on a farm in rural  western Kentucky where Bill Monroe birthed Bluegrass Music and where Ron & Johnny Depp began in a little town called Owensboro.

Ron Whitehead, David Amram, Gill Scott Holland, The KENTUCKY BOUND Concert, Jimmy Can't Dance, 8/28/18,
photo by Frank Messina.

Nick StormRon WhiteheadTim MoorheadClayton Luce.
Photo by Stephen Buchenberger.


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About the Filmmakers

Nick Storm-Producer/Cinematography (Left) - 

Nick Storm -Producer / Cinematographer/Editor (left) is founder of Storm Generation Films, a documentary film production company in Louisville, Kentucky, Nick has also served as anchor and managing editor of Pure Politics on Spectrum News, a political reporter for cn|2 television, marketing writer and producer for Channel 14 WFIE and currently serves as public affairs officer for the United States Attorney's office in Louisville.

Ron Whitehead - Poet/Activist (center left) has produced hundreds of events throughout his career, written numerous books and worked in co production on dozens of film and arts projects with artists from around the world. Raised on a farm near Owensboro, Kentucky, Ron is the subject of the film and an active part in its creation.

Tim Moorhead - Associate Producer (center right) as an early investor in the film Tim serves as an associate producer and capital partner in the documentary and a shareholder in the project. Tim is also responsible for donating some of the footage used in the film, as he is an amateur videographer as well as promotional photographer for Outlaw Poet social media.


Clayton L. Luce - Producer / Director /Editor  (right)  with 12 years in video production Clayton was brought in as cinematographer and director for many of the interviews and to manage post-production and editing of the project. Clayton founded and runs Darkstar Production Company, LLC and DarkstarTV producing multimedia content and programming in the Louisville, Kentucky area.